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Elegant Alex and Ani Birth Month Bracelet Review

Elegant Alex and Ani Birth Month Bracelet. Alex and Ani is a jewelry retailer and producer located in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA. The company was lunched in 2004 by Carolyn Rafaelian Lunch and the name comes from the combination of Rafael’s two daughters’ names. The company initially said they wanted to produce “bracelets, bracelets, earrings and rings, decorate the body, inspire ideas and give the spirit”.

Elegant Alex and Ani Month Bracelet – Overview

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The unique bracelet and bracelet has impressed you upon everyone. Are you looking for something truly unique? The Alex and Ani bracelet is delicate, slim silver snake chain instead of leather weave, still have the expandable barrel clasp to fit your size. This bangle features a unique expandable design adorned with a faceted birthstone and three stamped charms. One is the American flag, one is the recycling of environmental signs, one is the wish slogan. It is very light and flexible, and weighs a lot less than the traditional bracelets! You can purchase them in a range of fun colors.

The Alex and Ani birth month bracelets are available in 12 colors, Each of these is available in adjustable sizes. From January to December, the colors are dark red, reddish brown, light blue, white, green, pink, red, light green, blue, rose red, orange and blue. Both of them have a really gorgeous metallic, which makes them almost shimmer in the light.

The Alex and Ani birth month bracelets coloration and luster is even, there are no blemishes discernible to the naked eye, the shape is good and the setting seems solid. It looks great! It will become more noble and fashionable to wear on your wrist. The chain of this bracelet is made of 925 sterling. This material is durable, you can feel at ease to use.

Girls like jewelry, especially bracelets. With a charming bracelet, the girl will become a bright one. What should be pay attention when buying a bracelet? First is the size, wrist is a flexible part, with the action of the hand will easy to attract people attention. The length of the bracelet is about 20-25 cm. The second is material. Different bracelets have different materials, each material has its unique luster and texture, should be based on needs and conditions to select the bracelets. Gold, platinum and silver bracelets are easy to match with a variety of clothing.

Alex and Ani Birth Month Bracelet Attention

Birth Month Bracelet

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This Birth Month Bracelet is suitable for many occasions. In the wedding, the bride wearing this bracelet is more noble and gorgeous and you will be the most dazzling in the wedding. In life, so beautiful bracelet to improve your fashion taste.

Overview, this is a beautiful bracelet and shining works! We carry Alex and Ani in the outside of the store and according to my experience with them, I admit that they are a fun jewelry collection. They will offer new products every season, they are all new style and very creative. I Love that they’ve started making some of their pieces in sterling silver and gold plated so they hold up much more than the recycled metal.

If you do not want your bracelet to darken, please advise me not to wear them all the time. Take them off when you get anywhere near chemicals, water, humidity (like leaving them in the bathroom when you shower) and they’ll last much longer. Trust me. I have been telling my customers that if you wear them, your body’s chemicals will make them change color more quickly. Rather than wearing them just for important occasions,  I  will continue to add growing collection forever!

Features of Alex and Ani Birth Month Bracelet

I love this bracelet, and that you can get them in either gold or silver, I don’t like gold, so I can get the silver I want, which for me is a huge plus for me. The variety of bracelets, bangles and bracelets is pretty big, and I love that they have options for pieces that support charities. Price for the average bangle is about $18.97 which might seem like a lot, but it is so worth it. I’ve been unnecessarily rough on mine and they’ve help up so well- the quality is fantastic. Best part, most appealing part to me: made in America.

Also, the packaging and presentation is wonderfully pleasing. Cards appropriate for the type of bangle, a pouch and nice gift giving box. The color of the stone is pretty and the bracelet itself is slightly bent. I have many of these bracelets and this had never been an issue. It is very nice as a gift for your parent our friends. The packaging is cheap and minimal. In the future I would purchase at an Alex and ani store.

I found this brand because of their jewelry collection, and I was immediately attracted to their bracelet because of the meaning behind them. I love how unique and inspirational their pieces are, so much that I’ve started a collection of them. . Although they are a bit expensive around $ 20, but the quality is very worthwhile. If you haven’t checked out Alex and Ani, I highly recommend at least looking at their bracelets, especially if you need a gift to someone because they are awesome gifts!

3123 customers give customer review. This bracelet score is 4.5 points. This is good customer rating at Amazon. But the problem is the bracelet easily turns over so the back is facing out almost all the time.

Pros and Cons


  • Great value for the price.
  • It looks wonderful and the color is very nice and subtle.
  • Very good looking piece of jewelry.
  • Suitable for different occasions wearing.
  • The silver is very shiny better than other silver bracelets.
  • Very clean and beautiful.Come in a nice box, wrapped in paper and its own small jewelry bag.


  • Most customers think this necklace is very good quality and there are some customers think the quality of this bracelet is not very good.
  • It is smaller in circumference, feels like thinner material, but this bracelet can adjust the size, although the material is thinner but it is very durable.
  • It should be noted the bracelet will fade over time with frequent wear, you do not wear it all the time, it can solve this problem.

Birth Month Bracelet_Gold

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